PUBLIK wants to change the way people explore wine. No more pretence. Way more discovery. Innovative and alternative. As much as we love wine we know it can be confusing, so our mission is simple: help people efficiently discover new wines, in an accessible and interactive way.

To do this PUBLIK offers a monthly wine subscription that tailors each member’s selection based on their taste. This starts with our palate profile quiz and continues as members rate the wines each month, which constantly refines their preferences. It’s a data-driven approach that means we can accurately recommend as well as source new wines, knowing what members enjoy.

Think of it as a wine subscription for the 21st century. You don’t go to a DVD store to find movies or buy CDs to discover music, so why buy wine the same way people did 20 years ago?

Beyond that we are fully flexible: members can preview their wines each month and make adjustments or add additional wines too. They can pause their membership, hold delivery for a month or cancel anytime too.

We specifically work with artisan wines made by smaller, independent producers. We call them ‘artisan’ because they are handcrafted in limited volumes, use grapes from sustainable vineyards and follow a minimal intervention approach in the cellar. Many are organic, biodynamic or natural in their production methods.

These artisan wines have put South Africa at the forefront of the wine world in the last decade. Producers like Alheit, Crystallum, Mullineux, Sadie Family and the many more that we work with offer not just incredible quality but also true value. They are the real heroes and we want you to discover them and their wines.
Join the PUBLIK community and start exploring wine in a way that is interactive, informative, unpretentious and most of all unboring.

Our Values

Keep it simple
Challenge the status quo
Support the underdogs
Be sustainable