Fram Pinotage 2016


Vineyard: Pinotage from a single vineyard of bush vines planted in 1978, located in the mountains north of Clanwilliam, about 3 hours north of Cape Town. Well weathered sandy soil. The 2016 vintage came on the back of a very dry winter in 2015 and a hot growing season, these old vines that have always grown in harsh and dry conditions  have weathered them magnificently, delivering precise fruit with balance.

Winemaking: 15 days natural fermentation, 15% of stems added back to the fermentation. Malolactic fermentation in stainless steel. Maturation was for 16 months in older French oak barrels. 10% of 2017 Cinsault from the vineyard right next to the Pinotage blended into this.

Flavour profile: An intriguing blend of ripe red fruit, with fennel and dill-like aromas on the outer edge of the flavour profile. The palate is packed with a very fine and distinct tannin adding vibrancy to balance the concentration of the fruit.

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Grown on the Citrusdal Mountains. These grapes are from a farm in the hills north west of Clanwilliam. Red sandy soils and struggling vines, battling for survival. But grapes, like most other living things, tend to be at their strongest when they are fighting for survival.

The hallmark of this wine is the almost subtle density, combined with a very long lingering palate. It’s like you don’t even notice the power at first, but then it stays with you and just won’t go away. (Wine Cellar)