Dancho Luka Koue-Vid 2020


You’ve been standing in a queue for a lifetime. You pay for your goods and just want to get out to take off that frikkin mask. The first breath of clean air fill your lungs. You close your eyes and think of better times when smiling, embracing and mask-less breathing weren’t against the law. You also promise yourself that never again will you take for granted the privilege of gathering with family and friends. Nonetheless , you hold your head up, because you know that better days are ahead…..oh yes, the wine. It’s good. Really really good. Muscat Blanc and Semillon. Nose: candied orange peel, dried mango, a hint of sweet spice and litchi pip. The palate is dry with unmistakable Muscat grape (the ones sold next to the road) flavour. The Semillon brings a waxy texture akin to lanolin. Great with spicy dishes or rich seafood. Drink now…tomorrow, the day after that etc.

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