We’re starting a new series on Open Palate, honouring the barmen (and women) for the work they do. Friendly faces, a passion for local wine and hard workers, they keep the bar in tip-top form. To kick things off, we speak to the Aussie, Maaaaarc, the kindest and most accommodating dude we know…

Where’re you from and what brought you to Cape Town?
Australia. A woman brought me here.

For realsies though, which rugby team do you support?

What do you love doing most in your spare time?
Surfing when there is water (though I’m not very good), hiking and running when there is dry land, snowboarding when there is white fluffy stuff to play in.

What got you interested in wine?
It made me feel warm and fuzzy.

What is your perfect pizza?
Hawaiian, with basil.

What have you always wanted? Did you ever get it?
I’ve been pretty lucky. I’m not left wanting for anything major. Next goal is getting a business started. Then a family!

What is it about wine you love?
The variety and scope of tasting experiences.

Describe yourself in three words…
This is a rubbish question… Free-spirited, practical and direct.

What do you do apart from work at Publik?
I work as a barista, barista trainer, coffee consultant, caterer, holiday rental manager.

Favourite wine Publik offers?
JH Meyer Pinot, Momento Grenache.

Marc + ToriImages Tasha Seccombe, Facebook