Last Friday morning we headed out to the Voor Paardeberg to visit the organic vineyards of Scali. The farm Schoone Oord was purchased by Willie de Waal’s great grandfather after he found a 45 carat diamond while prospecting in Kimberley. He rode back to Cape Town on his horse, sold it and bought the property that today makes some of the most exciting wines in the area.

Husband and wife team Willie and Tania do everything by hand, managing a small production of high-end wines which we tasted in the cool interior of the gabled farmhouse that dates back to 1707. From a delicious Methode Ancestral bubbly and our favourite SIRKEL Pinotage to a well-aged Scali Syrah 2006, the wines showed beautifully.

A down to earth and laid-back experience, with honest wines made by a generous, talented couple: Friday mornings don’t get much better than this.








IMG_20151030_111956Photography Keenan Oakes