The Old & The Beautiful


The reality is most wineries can’t afford to hold onto red wines until they’re drinking their best; they just have to sell them: after all, winemaking is a business. Producers send them off into the market with remarks like “Will improve over the next 3 – 5 years.” Some of the bigger reds are barely drinkable on release, but some find that perfect balance of showing well when offered to the market while still having ability to age beautifully. We’ve chosen three that offer great value, make a solid drink now but will show even better in a few years.

And to help those that struggle to hold onto wines, we’ve kept it simple: 3 wines, 2 bottles of each, so you can sample one bottle now and then see how it’s changed with time. Drink the second in 2-3 years or wait until it’s showing optimal, it’s up to you. Easy as that. What are you waiting for?