The Good Father


The good father makes a difference and for that he should be celebrated. He deserves more than soap-on-a-rope or patterned socks. He deserves more than just a ‘time out’ from his busy life or a quick message scribbled on a  greeting card from the nearest stationary shop. He deserves better. He deserves a case of wines he probably hasn’t ever seen before, wines he’ll be excited to enjoy and to share. A case of wines created around the traits that a good father possesses: strength, reliability, a sense of fun, loyalty, being open-minded, leading by example and appreciative of differences. A case full of wines that make him smile every time he opens one. Yes, the good father deserves to be celebrated, and we say “CHEERS!” to that.


To ensure delivery arrives before Father’s Day itself, orders must be before end of Monday 15 June (outside Cape Town)  or end of Wednesday 17 June (Cape Town) .