Taittinger Tastes on a Tassies Budget (6 bottles)


If you’re curious about new and interesting wines but aren’t ready to empty your wallet on lesser-known labels, this case is hand-picked for you. These six excellent wines seriously over-deliver for the price you’re paying, and capture the essence of the grape and land.

Why visit the Rhone when you can get the Grizzly Bear Syrah-Mourvedre from William Everson, one of the most likeable blends around. Sterhuis’ bubbly is insanely well-priced – just blind taste it against Champagnes three times the price to find out – and the Koggelbos Chenin Blanc would satisfy the tastes of quality white Burgundy drinkers (yes, it’s Chenin, but trust us on this!). The Thirst Gamay is the closest we’ve got a true Beaujolais in SA and the Keermont Companion blend would make pricey Bordeaux wines weak with worry. To end it off, a Pinot Noir from Elgin that we’d say is arguably the best value Pinot on the market.

So keep those expensive tastes and drink the good stuff like this, wines you could imagine costing more than twice the price.

Grizzly Bear Syrah-Mourvedre 2011

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A Publik wine bar favourite, William Everson (of Everson's Cider) produces this entirely smashable red blend that's rich, dark and delicious with chunky tannins and a plenty of weight. Drink it fireside to keep the winter chill at bay – in fact, drink it any time, it's made for easy-drinking enjoyment!

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Sterhuis Blanc de Blancs 2013

Seriously, this is the one. Okay, one of the ones. No, but better than many. One to remember. Not your tart thin bubbles but a rich, fuller wine with biscuity, nutty flavours that still possesses lean, citrus notes. Blanc de Blancs made purely from 20 year old Chardonnay vines grown on the Stellenbosch property, it'll win anyone over.

Radford Dale Thirst Gamay 2016

Well here's something a bit different. On first appearance you may deem this a slightly rosier than rosy rosé, but it is in fact a light red wine, full of fruity, intriguing flavour. Chances are you've never had Gamay (unless you've been tapping into some Beaujolais imports), so prepare yourself for red cherry deliciousness. Dry, with savoury, earthy notes that add to a palate more complex than expected, it's best enjoyed chilled. Made by Jacques de Klerck at Radford Dale, who's cooking up some beautiful stuff!  

Mount Abora 'Koggelbos' Chenin Blanc 2014

This may be the cure to Chardonnay-lovers' obsessions - a Chenin Blanc that is rich, bold and full on flavourful, but not OTT at all. Made by winemaker Johan Meyer at the Swartland cellar of Mount Abora, it offers a light floral nose and well-balanced acidity. Basically, if you know anybody that likes their "glass of Chard" they're going to go nuts for it.

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Keermont Companion 2013

Keermont farms some of the best red grapes in the Stellenbosch area, and here's a wine that shows it. Winemaker Alex Starey creates a wine far bigger than what we would normally expect of its now single varietal makeup... Merlot! Seriously, you'd be hard-pressed to pick that in a blind tasting, which makes this wine so much more interesting than what you'd think just looking at the varietals listed. Give it a try, you'll be blown away.
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Winery of Good Hope Pinot Noir 2014

Great value - tick. Classic Pinot character - tick. Rad new packaging - tick. What's the catch? There doesn't seem to be one! Delicious fruit from Elgin made into superbly drinkable Pinot that should be sitting in your fridge right now. Well done Alex Dale and the crew at Winery of Good Hope!
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