Biodynamic Wines (6 bottle)


This case of 6 wines will give you a pretty solid reason to appreciate biodynamic farming: who doesn’t like seriously tasty wines that are made in a completely sustainable manner? Reyneke is perhaps the most well known pioneer of biodynamic farming in South Africa, with farms like Waterkloof and Avondale following the same healthy approach. Fable Mountain Vineyards in Tulbagh have also maintained this method of farming and they recent successes in competitions proves the results. Craig Hawkins of Cellar Foot and now Testalonga doesn’t prescribe entirely to the biodynamic processes but he does work the vineyard in a totally natural and sustainable approach to ensure the soil is healthy and full of life. 6 wines of tip top quality to get you behind the biodynamic movement.

Fable Night Sky 2014

Watch this space! Located up against the rugged slopes of the Witzenberg Mountain range, Fable focuses on producing pure expressions of Rhône varieties and they're getting damned well good at it. A recent 5-star rating and consistent praise is easily deserved for the winery which practices minimal intervention in the cellar and biodynamic practices in the vineyard. Their Night Sky, a blend of Syrah, Mourvèdre and Grenache is everything you want from a bold red wine. Hello winter, we saw you coming.

Lammershoek Cellar Foot Mourvèdre 2012

The undisputed leader of the natural wine pack in South Africa, Craig Hawkins has since left Lammershoek to focus on his Testalonga brand, so we've managed to get our hands on 40 cases of this Mourvedre goodness at a steal. Craig's total commitment to farming with sustainable and biodynamic methods and then letting the wine do its thing in the cellar shows in this vibrant, fresh and lively wine. It's a lighter Mourvedre, but has plenty of texture, pure fruit and spicy, earthy character. Decant before drinking to truly open up the fruit and flavour. If you're looking to try what the natural wine revolution is all about - here's the place to start.
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Waterkloof Cabernet Franc 2012

Cabernet Franc gets hardly any of the respect that Cab Sauv gets, but when you drink wines like this you'll wonder why. The varietal offers great character and perhaps more drinkability, with plenty of ageing potential. Cab Sauv drinkers will notice a similar flavour profile in this wine but enjoy the softer, leaner edge giving it more freshness. We recommend you decant before drinking for added appreciation Waterkloof is unique in that it is one of only two certified biodynamic wineries in the Western Cape. This means that the wine is made as naturally as possible, with no additions of acids or enzymes, no herbicides or pesticides and the farm produce its own compost and biodynamic preparations. These are then distributed into the soil using Percheron horses (aka enormous horses!) rather than tractors to give soil has more life. It makes a great story, but you can taste it in the wines!  
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Reyneke Reserve White 2014

This is NOT just another Sauvignon Blanc. In fact, you could think of this as the Sauvignon for Chardonnay drinkers. It's aged a year in barrel, mostly new, so is big, rich and soft on the acid front.  Reyneke Wines are the leading organic and biodynamic farm in Stellenbosch and this is one of the wines that's made their name. A wine worth holding onto for a few years (if you can muster the strength)!
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Testalonga Redemption Syrah 2014

South African hotshot Craig Hawkins is not afraid to push the boundary when it comes to creating unique wine. Arguably the lead proponent for natural winemaking in the Cape, he made a name for himself whilst at Lammershoek but has produced under his own label Testalonga since before then. The label is sought after in wine bars from London to Copenhagen and a taste of this will show you why. Taught, fresh and full of depth, is this Syrah 2.0?
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Avondale 'Armilla' 2009 MCC

This fresh, versatile Brut is full of the verve that comes from Avondale’s holistic way of making natural wines. Made from Chardonnay grapes from eight to 20-year-old organically-grown vines that have a low yield of healthy, balanced fruit, Armilla is rich and round on the palate. Fresh acidity and a full velvety feel – layer after layer after layer.
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