Blind Tasting


Blind tastings are the best way to learn about wine. Tasting something without knowing what it is opens you to new perspective, helps you find new things in wines you’re familiar with and enjoy wines you wouldn’t normally bother tasting.

This case enables you to do your own blind tasting at home. Three flights of two wines that you can taste side-by-side. Each flight has a varietal that you’re likely familiar with and one less so: Chardonnay vs Chenin Blanc; Pinot Noir  vs Cinsault; Syrah vs a Portuguese-style blend. Be sure to taste them without knowing which is which, debate and discuss which one you prefer and why, then unveil and see if you’ve got a new favourite.

Throw away your usual predilections and venture out of your comfort zone, you won’t be disappointed. The Blind Tasting curated case, enlightenment now comes in a box.