Alphabetical White & Red


Alphabetical is a label that’s been around since first release of the red blend in 2010. Back then, it was known for having so many varieties in it (almost from A to Zinfandel), it was just about the whole alphabet. Made negociant-style, meaning the team use rented cellar space and work with several farmers and winemakers to purchase fruit, Alphabetical Red always delivered on drinkability and quality.

Despite a focus on quality of fruit and natural winemaking methods in the cellar, drinkability was always the primary goal, since the blend was sourced from two regions and didn’t mention any varietals on the label (though we know it’s mostly Cab Franc, Shiraz and Cabernet Sauvignon) or technical jargon.

The wine has been popular for its unpretentious tone (the red has ‘Vin Ordinaire’ on the label), noticeable packaging and easy-drinking style, and is now joined by a white to match. Alphabetical White is much the same idea as the red, albeit made from just two grapes. The just-released 2016 is mostly Roussanne, with a portion of Chardonnay, meaning it’s got lovely floral quality, mineral notes and a rich texture whilst being very soft on the palate. In other words, you could drink the shit out of it all afternoon!